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Usato Solidale

Year: 2018
Realization of the association's website

For more than four decades, the Association of Project Being Mary Filippetto (APrE) has demonstrated a relentless commitment to supporting people in need. One of their most relevant projects is the Solidarity Used Market, an institution that dates back to 1983 and has continued to grow and prosper over time.

Aiming to broaden the impact and reach of their solidarity initiative, APrE decided to embrace the digital age through the creation of an e-commerce dedicated to the Solidarity Used Market. This website not only serves as a showcase for the vast assortment of items available in the marketplace, but also allows users to purchase conveniently online, thus helping to support the cause of solidarity.

Since its founding, APrE has adopted bylaws that emphasize the importance of using donations received to help people in need through specific support projects. The Solidarity Used Market is a key pillar in the fulfillment of this mission, offering a wide range of secondhand goods at affordable prices, while the revenues generated are reinvested in local community assistance programs.

Located in Padua, APrE’s Solidarity Used Market is renowned for its size and variety. Every day, thousands of items of all kinds, from vintage clothes to vintage furniture, from games to books and more, crowd its virtual stalls. With more than 20,000 books available, the book sector alone offers an unprecedented opportunity for reading lovers to find hidden treasures and rare volumes.

The digital transformation of the Solidarity Used Market has been a significant turning point for APrE, enabling them to reach a wider audience and promote solidarity in innovative ways. In addition to offering a convenient and affordable purchasing platform, the website has become a virtual meeting place for those who share a passion for reuse and supporting the local community.

In conclusion, APrE’s Solidarity Used Market continues to embody the values of solidarity and support that have guided the association since its founding. Through its transformation into a modern, state-of-the-art e-commerce, APrE is able to continue its mission of helping those in need, demonstrating that outreach and innovation can go hand in hand for the good of the community.


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