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Mostre Itineranti Meeting di Rimini

Year: 2022
Realization of the association's website

The Rimini Meeting’s Itinerant Exhib itions website was created with the intention of offering fans a unique experience of exploring virtual exhibitions. This project was developed as a subdomain of the main Rimini Meeting website, thus creating an area dedicated exclusively to the purchase of traveling exhibitions.

To make the user experience more engaging and intuitive, we have implemented a membership system that allows users to register and easily access the desired exhibits. Through this platform, enthusiasts can explore a variety of virtual exhibitions covering a wide range of topics and themes, thus enriching their knowledge and interest in arts and culture.

Our goal was to create an online environment that reflected the stimulating and inclusive atmosphere of the Rimini Meeting, allowing users to immerse themselves in the virtual exhibits with ease and convenience. With the membership system, users can quickly and securely access their desired exhibitions, enjoying a seamless and high-quality experience.

Launched as a subdomain of the Rimini Meeting, the Itinerant Exhibitions site was the first step in bringing all itinerant exhibitions to become an integral part of the Rimini Meeting site. We are proud to have contributed to the realization of this project and to have created a digital experience that enriches the cultural and artistic lives of our users.


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